Anaveo is a class leading and differentiated provider of intelligent video systems and security solutions for retail and commercial buildings in France.

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Founded in 1985 and headquartered in Lyon, France, Anaveo employs 270 staff via 11 agencies across France. It provides design, installation and recurring maintenance services across a full range of products in intelligent video surveillance systems, and has recently launched products in access control and anti-intrusion systems. The business has installed its systems at over 8,000 sites across France focusing on the small/medium sized businesses, predominantly in retail.


In addition to being a market leader in its niche, Anaveo operates in a resilient and growing market that is highly fragmented comprised of smaller independent players providing the opportunity to accelerate growth via add-on acquisitions, to increase market share, and grow sales to the non-retail segment in France including commercial, data centre and public sector buildings.


This investment is managed by Bridgepoint Development Capital.


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