Balt designs, manufactures and distributes 'neuroendovascular' devices such as stents, coils, and catheters used to prevent and treat brainstrokes and aneurysms.

Sektor Gesundheitswesen Büro Paris
Erworben 2015 Transaktionsgröße N/D


Headquartered in France, but generating 95% of its revenues internationally, Balt focuses on so-called 'interventional neuroendovascular radiology' ('INR') devices, used in minimally invasive techniques to correct and stabilise strokes, aneurysms and arteriovenous malformations. A pioneer in its field, the company operates within a niche market with a well-developed patented product portfolio. Working with the founding family, Bridgepoint will seek to accelerate the company's growth worldwide by adding further production capacity, continued focus on product innovation and an enlarged distribution network worldwide. Volumes of INR devices are forecast to increase significantly as the number of patients diagnosed grows on the back of an ageing population and increased rates of obesity. 

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