Diaverum is the largest independent dialysis clinic operator in Europe with ancillary businesses in South America and Australia. Headquartered in Sweden, it has c.329 clinics in 19 countries.

Sektor Gesundheitswesen Büro Stockholm
Erworben 2007 Transaktionsgröße N/D



Originally part of a larger quoted medical technology group, Diaverum was identified as a non-core asset when Bridgepoint acquired the business. The company treats patients suffering from end stage renal disease who must undergo dialysis (on average 150 treatments a year) to eliminate toxins and fluids arising from failing kidney function.  The company operates in a sector with attractive long-term market dynamics where the number of patients requiring dialysis treatment is growing by 5-7% p.a due to ageing populations and increasing incidence of chronic kidney failure.

To learn more about the company, visit www.diaverum.com

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