Groupe Moniteur

Groupe Moniteur is the number one services and information provider for the construction and local authority sectors in France, providing quality and value added content (via 22 publications), classified and display advertising, online services (via 30 websites), databases, exhibitions and training courses.

Sektor Medien & Technologie Büro Paris
Erworben 2006 Transaktionsgröße N/D


With undisputed leadership in its field through two publications - Le Moniteur and La Gazette - and 'must read' status for many of its other publications, Groupe Moniteur has a compelling market position and strong growth prospects as it accelerates its transistion and strategic focus from traditional print media to electronic media.

Bridgepoint's interest in Groupe Moniteur was transferred to a global institutional investor advised by Compass Partners in 2016 as part of a sale of certain residual assets in a mature fund.

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