Miya Water

Miya Water (“Miya”) is an international environmental services company providing water efficiency solutions to public and private utilities. Its largest division, Indaqua, is the leading operator of water concessions in Portugal.

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Miya was created in 2008 and provides water efficiency solutions to utilities worldwide in order to reduce the amount of water lost between production and distribution.  Water efficiency is a pressing issue as a growing population and increased consumption per capita lead to a material increase in demand. Additionally, negative climatic effects and ageing infrastructure are reducing water availability. The reduction of wastage is therefore a critical issue, particularly in developing countries, while private investment is needed to deliver the necessary improvements to infrastructure in many countries.

Miya benefits from a market leading position in a sector which is supported by long-term macro trends, as a result of which it is well positioned to deliver further growth both organically and through further acquisitions.

To learn more about the company visit www.miya-water.com