Supporting each other, our communities & working together

Bridgepoint is proactively supporting its people, its portfolio companies and their employees during these extraordinarily difficult and challenging times.  We also expect to play an important role ahead in providing new capital and strategic support to companies to enable the economies in which we work to return to growth and to protect and create jobs. 


Bridgepoint's team has responded to the crisis by creating a £3 million Hardship Fund dedicated to frontline Covid-19 relief causes in our local communities and in areas close to our portfolio companies.  The Bridgepoint Hardship Fund was initially created by the Board contributing the equivalent to 20% of its members' salaries for the full 12 months of 2020.  It has since attracted significant contributions from our Partnership and broader team.  The Fund is distributing donations, large and small, via the Bridgepoint Charitable Trust, to causes identified by our international teams as well as by individual team members. 


We are proud that many of our portfolio companies have also mobilised to contribute to the Covid-19 relief effort.  

Some of the most recent examples include: 

  • Element's UK division is supporting the drive for more ventilators by arranging free safety testing for Rapidly Manufactured Ventilator Systems prototypes. Its employees in UK, Germany, and US-based laboratories also showed great ingenuity by manufacturing their own WHO approved recipe hand sanitizer, using standard chemicals from their facilities                                                     
  • Rovensa in Spain has deployed a line in its chemical plant to produce hydro-alcoholic gel for use by local hospitals                                                                  
  • Burger King has distributed more than 10,000 tons of fresh products to people in need in France and Spain and in the UK has provided free drinks for NHS, emergency and social care workers   
  • Care UK is providing over 300 beds (on a non-profit basis) in its nine hospitals (including facilities, staff, management) to support the NHS in England during its response to the Covid-19 crisis                                                                                      
  • Network Digital Marketing is working with NHS England to promote the health and wellbeing programmes to NHS staff. It has also secured hundreds of money-saving discounts for healthcare workers, teachers and carers, who have saved over £5m since the start of the lockdown
  • Deliveroo is making 500,000 meals available to NHS workers across the UK for free and encouraging its users to donate money or buy a meal for a doctor or a nurse 

By supporting each other and working together Bridgepoint, its team and our portfolio companies are committed to playing their part in the fight against Covid-19 by helping as much as we can where it matters most.