PEI Media

PEI Media is a global provider of insight, market-data and business conferences for professionals active in alternative asset class investment.

Sector Media & Technology Office London
Acquired 2018 Deal size N/D


The business focuses on the private investment markets in real estate, infrastructure, private equity, and private debt - including specialist sector-specific activities within those private asset markets. Clients served include public sector and company pension plans, insurance groups, endowments and family offices - as well as leading private-asset fund managers who raise and deploy capital raise from institutional investors.

PEI is recognised for its differentiated insight into the worlds of multiple alternative asset classes. As investors look for higher yields, continued inflows into these classes means that there is growing demand for the information, analysis and event-networking opportunities of providers like PEI. The investment by BDC will support the continued international expansion of the business as well as further development of its technology platform and digital product set to ensure that it can scale its digital offering in a growing market and deliver progressive evolution of its specialist-brand in line with advancing client needs.

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