Governance to us means more than simply complying with laws in the countries where we and our companies operate; our management and governance structure ensures that we are completely accountable, transparent and aligned with the Firm's and our investors' interests.

Bridgepoint is led by a Group Board, Bridgepoint Advisers Limited that provides leadership and strategic direction for the Firm.  An Investment Committee, consisting of our most experienced partners, makes our investment decisions, and Remuneration, Audit, ESG & Risk and Adjudication Committees ensure that we comply with national laws and implement regulatory practices. A partner-level General Counsel oversees how we are adhering to our own internal policies and operating procedures.

The companies we invest in have similar governance structures to ensure legal compliance and to monitor performance. Investment companies are also structured so that Bridgepoint has to approve any major decisions before they're made.

We have internal guidelines to manage conflicts of interest, taking into account our fund management obligations and fiduciary duties. Wherever we need to address conflicts, we do it with integrity, professionalism and in the best interest of our investors. Each Bridgepoint fund also has an Investors' Committee that discusses the fund's investment strategy or performance and any potential or actual conflicts of interest.

Bridgepoint also has a long-standing Advisory Board of distinguished individuals from government, industry and academia to provide a different, external perspective on these matters.