For new investments, Bridgepoint identifies material social risks and opportunities as part of our investment process. We do so by requiring that pre-investment proposals include an analysis of ESG issues that ought to be brought to the attention of our Investment Advisory Committee.

Bridgepoint aims to make a positive contribution to the communities where we operate, through the Bridgepoint Charitable Trust, our charitable giving programme.  The Trust focuses primarily on education and the environment and identifies smaller charities where our involvement and support can make a real difference. We also operate a matched giving policy and Give As You Earn Scheme at Bridgepoint, and many of our investee companies also have charitable giving programmes.

Charities currently supported by the Trust are: Billion Oyster Project in the US, Läxhjälpen in Sweden, Dandelion Time and United World Schools in the UK and Coup de Pouce Clé in France.

Billion Oyster Project is a marine restoration and environmental education organisation comprising of two aims: to restore one billion live oysters to the New York harbour by 2035 and at the same time to engage and educate students in the city's middle and New York Harbour schools about the importance of functioning ecosystems. It will achieve this by restoring oyster reefs and harnessing the powerful ability of oysters to filter nitrogen pollution from the water and thereby create a habitat for hundreds of marine species. The charity also believes that direct engagement and interaction with wild animals and functioning ecosystems has a transformative effect on young people. 6,000+ students to date in New York City have monitored oyster and harbour health as part of their education.

Läxhjälpen is a Swedish not for profit organisation focussed on providing homework tutoring support to children in socioeconomically disadvantaged areas of Sweden, with the aim of getting them ready for high school. It currently operates in twelve cities in Sweden, helping c.1,200 pupils and collaborating with over 45 schools. The BCT donation will allow a new study group to open in Stockholm, support an existing group there for another year as well as contribute to Läxhjälpen's expansion in the Malmö and Gothenburg regions.

Dandelion Time is a UK-based charity which aims to help and educate children with behavioural, educational and emotional needs by providing therapeutic and developmental activities for children and their families within a sustainable farm environment.  The BCT donation will help fund its Transition Programme which is designed to prepare children who are at risk from school exclusion for the transition to secondary school.

United World Schools is a UK-based charity which provides education to isolated communities who do not receive the benefit of government education systems, typically in the Far East. It does this by building schools in remote communities and entering into partnerships with local communities and local education authorities to provide local teachers and government teachers who can fully communicate with the local population. Bridgepoint's Charitable Trust first made a donation in 2017 to build a school in Sdao in Northern Cambodia - now fully operational, with over 260 school children and six teachers. A second donation in 2019 has resulted in UWS building a second school - in Prey Khiev Khang Kert, a remote village located in Mondulkiri, in Eastern Cambodia. This has 130 primary aged children (with a further 50 within three years of its opening) and employs two teachers and a librarian.

In France, Coup de Pouce Clé  works to fight against early failure at school. The charity aims to improve the literacy and numeracy of children in France by running after-school clubs for small groups of children, predominantly in deprived areas. It also helps parents of affected children to become more involved in encouraging their children to read and write.  In this way Coup de Pouce Clé stimulates the development of children's cognitive and soft skills (motivation, self-confidence, and pleasure in reading) as well as giving parents the keys to support their children.

For existing portfolio companies, Bridgepoint, through its board representatives, works with management teams to implement appropriate social policies in their operations and procedures. Typically, these focus on worker health and safety, labour rights and welfare.