At Bridgepoint we look to invest in strong-performing, good quality, well-managed businesses that have the potential to grow - for example through expansion, operational improvement or acquisition.

We'll achieve that growth by working directly with management teams, typically over a three to five year period, sharing our industrial, commercial and financial expertise. We believe that this collaborative approach, working with experienced managers, delivers superior performance. 

Acquisitions with management

We're a people-centric business, and our style is to work openly and collaboratively with management teams.

We serve on company boards, and contribute to a business's strategic development via their executive teams. We also motivate managers through equity participation, so they can realise their own financial rewards for the value they create.

We've worked extensively with over 300 management teams across many sectors to help them target, fund and then acquire competitors, improve their operations or even expand product and service ranges. In our experience, access to funding accompanied by strategic sector and commercial insight is key to value creation.

As a result, we have a reputation for building value and scale, and thereby making businesses stronger and better positioned for exit.


Bridgepoint's investment portfolio