Sector expertise

Our investment teams focus on six broad sectors where we have the most experience, and which we believe offer the best middle market investment opportunities: Business Services, Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, Manufacturing & Industrials and Media & Technology.

Meaningful sector insight leads to better-informed investment decisions and is a key driver of growth and returns. At Bridgepoint, each sector group is led by at least one partner and supported by a team of investment professionals across Europe.  This means we are able to identify and act on the best acquisition opportunities wherever they are.

Our sector knowledge and expertise are a critical competitive advantage in identifying and acquiring businesses.  And this means we're also keenly aware of a business's individual circumstances and the competitive dynamics of its market.


Business Services

Business Services is a broad and diverse sector in which Bridgepoint has invested €1.6 billion in 16 companies in the last 10 years. Our investment focus is on market-leading companies, typically operating in multiple jurisdictions, with the critical mass to invest organically for faster growth, or consolidate through ‘buy and build’ opportunities.

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Our consumer and retail team focuses principally on investments in four core segments: retail, leisure, consumer goods and luxury. Typically, our investment activity is with sub-segment, dominant companies with demonstrable track records and strong competitive positioning – which we believe is essential in such a dynamic environment.

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Financial Services

Financial services represents over 5% of EU GDP and sits at the heart of every EU economy. A vibrant and rapidly changing sector, our investment focus is on strong businesses with defensible, market-leading positions where we can support strong management teams to secure organic and acquisitive growth.

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Bridgepoint has invested €1.1bn in 10 companies over the last 10 years. The sector has had to balance increasing demand from ageing populations, new technologies and rising consumer expectations against the availability of financing and extra resources.

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Manufacturing & Industrials

We focus typically on market-leading multinational companies with a clear and differentiated proposition providing sustainable barriers to entry.

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Media & Technology

Highly dynamic, this is a sector which evolves continuously, driven by changes in technology and its impact on user behaviour both in the business and consumer environments. This creative development gives rise to significant opportunity where business models have adapted to changing demand patterns.

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Bridgepoint's investment portfolio