is a specialist online travel agent serving the UK and German cruise markets.

Secteur Biens de consommation et distribution Bureau Londres
Aquisition 2016 Taille des opérations £52m


The company was acquired in 2016 and in 2017 completed the acquisition of Kreuzfahrtberater. This gave them exposure to the large and high growth German cruise market. They currently employ circa 270 people and are one of Europe's leading online travel agents for cruises, utilising a sophisticated omni-channel marketing strategy, supported by content-rich websites that attract more than 35 million web visits annually.

The UK and German ocean cruise markets are the second and third largest globally (after the US) and benefit from a growing customer demographic with increasing wealth, life expectancy and propensity to travel, as well as an increasing supply of cruises from cruise lines themselves. The company is well positioned to capitalise on the fundamental shift from traditional high street travel agents to specialist online providers.

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