HTL Biotechnology (“HTL”) is a leading producer of high quality hyaluronic acid (“HA”), a high growth specialist pharmaceutical ingredient used in numerous pharma applications.

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Created in 1992, HTL is based in Fougères (Ille-et-Vilaine, Brittany) and specializes in the manufacture and purification of hyaluronic acid. It has since diversified into research and development covering other biological polymers for the pharmaceutical and medical fields.

HTL stands out from the competition because of its ability to obtain HA with an ultra-high molecular weight, which adds stability and effectiveness for injectable products prepared in the fields of ophthalmology, rheumatology or dermatology. It is also one of the few global manufacturers that can produce a significant volume of pharmaceutical quality HA. Although headquartered in France, 75% of its revenues are generated from nondomestic customers.

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