Infinitas Learning

Infinitas Learning is a leading pan European educational publisher providing primary, secondary and higher vocational educational material, content and services to 90,000 schools in six European countries.

Secteur Média & Technologies Bureau Londres
Aquisition 2007 Taille des opérations €774m


Infintas offers bundled packages of content such as textbooks, teaching aids, testing and assessment tools and revision aids in both electronic and traditional format. With strong brands and market leadership positions in the markets in which it operates, Infinitas represents a strategic platform from which to consolidate a growing sector supported by increased government spending on education and curriculum changes.  There are also increased growth opportunities in the e-learning, supplemental materials and testing and assessment segments.


Bridgepoint's interest in Infinitas Learning was transferred to a global institutional investor advised by Compass Partners in 2016 as part of a sale of certain residual assets in a mature fund.

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