Primonial is a French mass market wealth management company whose €15 billion of funds under management invest in a range of asset classes, but have a particular focus on investing in commercial real estate.

Secteur Services financiers Bureau Paris
Aquisition 2017 Taille des opérations N/D


The company serves both the retail and institutional markets and benefits from a highly regarded investment management team, strong investment performance to date and a proven distribution network. The real estate sector has been one of the best performing asset classes over the last four years, generating 21% compound annual growth in AUM.

Primonial is well positioned for further growth in AUM, benefitting from strong demographic market drivers. Bridgepoint was attracted to the company due to its high growth rate (driven by the increase in the French savings market and a shift from traditional savings products to higher yielding assets) and very low annual fund outflows, underlining the robustness of its business model.

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