Small Mid Cap

Targeting structural growth and

opportunities for platform investing

A focus on strong companies and high-quality credits

Bridgepoint Development Capital (BDC) has a dedicated, experienced investment team operating on the ground in the DACH region, France, the Nordics, Spain and the UK making equity investments typically between £40m and £125m in buyouts and growth capital investments across Europe.

Its focus is on market-leading businesses, benefiting from structural growth and operating in one of the following sectors: Advanced Industrials; Business and Financial Services; Consumer; and Healthcare, all underpinned by Technology, which drives so much of their growth and value creation. 

Our understanding of the dynamics of their sector gives managers, vendors and their advisers the confidence that their business can succeed under Bridgepoint ownership. We are agile and have the flexibility to undertake both majority stake acquisitions or minority transactions, recognising the importance of aligning with strong founder management teams as an important component of our strategy.  

Our track record and depth of experience in supporting high growth, international, purpose-driven businesses are substantial: whether it is to support step changes in scale, go to market expansion or market consolidation through M&A or change processes in organisational structure, information, data, digitisation and systems.

Unusually for a small mid-cap fund, BDC has a strong track record of adding value to its portfolio companies by leveraging Bridgepoint’s local resources and expertise across Europe, the US and China. Bridgepoint’s scale, access and insight gives us the resources and network to be materially incremental to our portfolio companies' value creation plans.

This insight, financial strength, speed and flexibility of decision-making have allowed us to partner with more than 40 businesses in our investment-size range over the last ten years.

Small Mid Cap investments

Insight, financial strength, speed and flexibility have allowed us to make 40 platform investments over the last ten years. 

The Bridgepoint Credit investment team has extensive private debt and investment experience and operates from offices in Frankfurt, London, New York, Paris and Stockholm. We have invested €9.3 billion in over 230 companies internationally in the last twelve years.

The opportunities we take up provide a regular interest income stream and high capital preservation.


Small Mid Cap team

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Ideas + Capital

Our investment strategies are highly evolved – the result of our long-term focus on the middle market for buyouts and growth capital investments as well as our skill in selecting, financing and developing companies with exceptional growth potential. Our current range of funds supports businesses at different stages of growth, from small-cap enterprises to large, middle-market companies.

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Middle Market

It’s not only our focus and experience in the middle market that accounts for our position as the leading pan-European investment group in the field.

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Small Cap

Our investments in smaller businesses are made by Bridgepoint Growth, a specialist team and fund making equity investments of typically between £10 million and £25 million.

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