Difference makes us stronger

It's time to move forward

A diversity of thought

We aim to create a work environment that properly reflects the communities in which we operate, where every voice is heard, and everyone’s wellbeing is valued.

Why? Because doing so makes our company a better place to work. And because it makes Bridgepoint a better business and helps us achieve our wider, strategic goals.

We make better decisions when we’re better informed – when we can see challenges and opportunities from multiple angles. By respecting and valuing the experience, viewpoints and contributions of all our employees, we hatch better ideas and grasp more opportunities.

For Bridgepoint, diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) is not about tokenism or ticking boxes. It’s about our diversity of thought and collective intelligence, and the impact they can bring on the quality of our decision-making, outcomes and performance. By becoming more diverse, equitable and inclusive, Bridgepoint is becoming a better business.

Becoming a
better business

Progressive Thinking

Bridgepoint is committed to providing a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for everyone in our team, and helping our portfolio companies do the same.

Our ambition is this:

  • For Bridgepoint and its portfolio companies to truly reflect the communities in which we operate.
  • Every office, every team, every individual within Bridgepoint has a part to play in reaching this goal.
  • We believe success in DE&I is down to individual action and accountability. Supported by the company’s familial culture, we're all empowered to help make Bridgepoint a company that’s truly representative of society, wherever it is in the world..


To find out more about our DE&I initiatives, download: Difference makes us stronger

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